Changing the rules for external gear pump operation


The new Maag pump line for polymers named x6 class offers vastly improved volumetric efficiency. These pumps can operate at

  • reduced rpm,
  • shear rates and
  • temperatures,
  • and consequently reduces the residence time.

This will favorably impact production rate, polymer quality and pump lifetime, while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Due to the enhanced pressure capabilities, finer filter meshes can be used further down the line as an example. And a higher volumetric efficiency and fewer pulsations guarantee an even more constant quality and output of the final product. Accordingly, the product quality is further improved overall.

Given its increased operating range, Maag’s new gear pumps will enable manufacturers to branch out into the production of a wider variety of products since the same pump can handle polymers with viscosities varying by as much as five orders of magnitude, while ensuring a quick change over of the different grades.

Maag also offers alternative housing designs for its extrex6 gear pumps with matching interfaces to older pump generations. This results in minimum installation costs.

Manfred Waeckerlin, Director Pumps, adds: “Maag‘s new generation pump widens the window of operation for its customers. The new pump can run at higher rpm without increasing the product temperature more than the older models did, due to its tremendous improvement in volumetric efficiency. Additionally the pressure building capability is vastly improved even at lower rpm increasing the minimum to maximum production rate window. This enables our customers to adjust their output depending on their needs. The extrex x6 class is truly a new generation of gear pumps setting a new bench mark”.


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