An umpteen number of manufacturers facilitate pump technology searching

139 a new selection portal for the pump users. The Star Pump Alliance has set itself the goal to assist professional users of pumps in selecting pump technology tailored to fit their specific applications. “Our portal offers extensive information about pump technologies as well as a tool for the individual selection of pumps with access to the product portfolios of different brands. This selector proposes to website visitors one or several suitable pump technologies for each specific application on the basis of the application characteristics the users have entered”, Kai Stegemann, General Manager of Star Pump Alliance GmbH.

Specific pump technologies are recommended according to verifiable technical criteria, and users can continuously observe the effect of their data entries on narrowing down the search result in the selector. On the basis of this result, they can subsequently contact the most suitable supplier directly.

The portal is backed by well-known pump manufacturers, whose common goal it is to make a complex process for pump users much easier.

Publication and kick-off of the new platform will take place at the Achema in Frankfurt.


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