Low flow with high head pump applications


Side Channel Pumps are self-priming pumps that operate in low NPSH conditions & have the ability to handle up to 50% entrained gas. These pumps run at very low flow rates, while generating medium to high differential pressures.

Side Channel Pump specialist, Sero PumpSystems, will showcase these capabilities and the operation of multifunction pumps with their Mini Pump Lab (Fig.) at 2018 Achema  trade show in Frankfurt. Sero will demonstrate an affordable, easy and effective control of side channel pumps utilizing “Industrie 4.0”, as well as duty point monitoring within the pump’s performance range.


Also this company will introduce the new pump model SEMA-S BC. This model is a derivative of the successful sealless side channel pump, incorporating a heavy walled “barrel” casing for maximum operating safety. The “barrel” design completely encapsulates the liquid end of the pump and provides dual containment. This new feature is secured by o-rings which limits potential leak paths that are harmful to the environment.


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