Smart metering pumps deliver holistic solutions

Solenoid diaphragm metering pump with Dulconnect

Monitoring and controlling the interwoven processes produces an ever increasing amount of data and information. And this needs to be designed to be as transparent as possible. Modern metering pumps are equipped with features, which accommodate Chemistry 4.0 and/or Process 4.0. They reduce consumption of the raw materials and help to minimize operating errors and downtimes. This is achieved because the pumps are not only robust, adaptive and user-friendly, but are designed to offer comprehensive networking. They are robust: their construction ensures a long service life and high availability. They are adaptive and can automatically adapt to constantly changing operating conditions. They are user-friendly, easy to install and commission. Clear, intuitive operation ensures simple parameterization, calibration and storage. They can be networked they communicate using CANopen, Profibus and Profinet at fieldbus level and can be remote-controlled using an app.

New metering pumps gamma/ x and gamma/ XL clearly illustrate how these features are realized. ProMinent will present the new solenoid diaphragm metering pump at Achema 2018.

World first at Achema 2018: Motor-Driven Metering Pump Sigma/ X with new removable operating unit connected with Dulconnect

As the equivalent to a frequency converter for a motor-driven metering pump, the controlled solenoid of the solenoid metering pump allows the precise control of the feed rate. Solenoid control can also be used to detect all pressure deviations. No interference-prone sensors are needed.

What’s more, the pump automatically adjusts its metering behaviour to the prevailing circumstances. It increases metering pressure as back pressure rises or decreases it when the back pressure drops. The pump also adapts its metering function if the viscosity of the feed chemical changes. If the chemicals are viscous, the drive solenoid is moved with more force while less force is applied when low-viscosity chemicals are used.

Intuitive operation

Intuitive operation and simple programming of all the required pump parameters are key for error-free operation. A minimal number of controls guarantees rapidly adjusting parameters like Stroke length, frequency and metering profile. A click wheel and pressing a button several times are the only things required to quickly access parameters or functions at different menu levels. Specifying the capacity in liters per hour avoids laborious conversions and allows the setting to be made quickly and easily.

Control via App

Cooling tower water treatment by disinfecting with chlorine dioxide and metering of corrosion inhibitors, biocide and anti-scaling agents.

Smart devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, have also become commonplace in the industrial world. Metering pump gamma/ XL has also become more user-friendly thanks to remote control via an app. They can be operated with ease without the operator having to stand right in front of them. This saves work, time and therefore operating costs, especially for pumps installed in hard-to-reach places.

The app features additional functions: parameters and options for pump mode can not only be displayed, but also selected and configured to suit almost any setup. Calling up device or diagnosis data is just as simple. Pump-related incidents are displayed in a log file and can be sent as an email, as can a complete pump configuration.

This saves time and money especially when several pumps are used for similar tasks: standard parameters can be loaded with ease for the applications at hand. And the same is true if a pump needs replacing: the parameters of the old pump are read out and wirelessly imported onto the new one.

Transparency through digitalization and portals

Online monitoring: information on the acid pump can be accessed remotely using Internet-enabled devices.

In the future, the amount of data recorded will increase significantly. Various pieces of information, whether from sensors or pumps, must not only be recorded, but also provided and forwarded efficiently for process control. This results in data-based operating models which require a high degree of mobility and transparency. The relevant data is prepared and provided accordingly as part of a complete solution. Internal data is linked with external data and used to optimize operational and operating processes.

In the future, portals which can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the Internet will play a key role. They offer users multiple benefits in particular through their seamless and faultless operation. End user devices are comprehensively integrated both locally and through a remote connection. Customers and technicians benefit from direct access to all information on the devices and systems installed on site. Calibration data, set parameters or error statuses produce a comprehensive picture. Operating conditions, such as length of operation, capacities or pressure situations can be called up and displayed at any time for the current setup or for the setups used on previous days and months. An alert indicates set limit and alarm values. For example, the current limits for liquid levels are displayed and replenishment is ensured in time when critical levels are reached. This allows chemicals to be procured just in time and storage tanks to be topped-up accordingly. Costly downtimes from failing to replenish in time are avoided.

Furthermore, the user can automatically produce reports at no extra cost or additional effort. Official requirements can therefore be satisfied in a convenient way and documentation produced with ease. All required reports can be sent directly to the relevant authorities.

Process optimization

Modern metering pumps meet the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution in a tremendous number of different processes. Smart control technologies ensure a fault-free metering process at all times: through automatic responses to changing conditions, intuitive operation and communication options using state-of-the-art technology. Users benefit from real-time transparency of measured data and increased process safety.

In this way, processes can be continuously used to capacity and optimized. More efficient process management as well as predictive maintenance reduce downtimes, improves the quality of products, extends the service life of systems and reduces operating costs.

These pumps and control circuits are used, for example, in industrial cooling towers, the treatment of potable and waste water and industrial and process water treatment.



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