From pipe to component ready for installation


Individually produced, made to measure, in very small quantities or as a series – for years Butting from Knesebeck in Germany has been well known as a reliable supplier of special components ready for installation. In the course of time, countless product variations have been developed and manufactured together with the end customer – sometimes in series production.

True to the motto “more than pipes” the longitudinally welded stainless steel pipes from Bunttings in-house production usually serve as primary products for the components ready for installation. Corrosion resistant pipes, manufactured specially for the individual customer order, are used to produce these components. Thus special sizes or particular tolerances can be taken into account, such as production by internal diameter.  As part of prefabrication, laser, welding and forming technology are possible, as are cutting and surface processing by grinding and blasting, and combinations of these.

Valve and pump housings

Up to now, the pump and valve industry or drilling and well construction technology are taking particular advantage of these components ready for installation.

Valve and pump housings are impressive examples of products that are manufactured in close collaboration with the customer. Using production processes and tools developed in-house, the family company can construct individual components and thus optimise the value chain for customers.

The food and pharmaceutical industries also benefit from the advantages of these products. Jörg Pollmann of Sales Special pipes & components, explains: “The components ready for installation are characterised by great cost-effectiveness and a high degree of functional security. Since Butting manages the entire value chain, we can react very flexibly to customers’ wishes. At the same time we ensure the customer’s expertise is handled confidentially.”

In order to do justice to the increasing requirements of the market, the family company extends the production capacities almost every year. Thus the portfolio was recently expanded to include a new welding cell, for the production of special welding components ready for installation. This investment has already been used successfully to produce components for a customer from the valves and fittings sector.

The family company received an order to produce components ready for installation that are used as ventilation valves in the drinking water technology area. Pollmann adds: “Before starting work, a prototype had to be produced and an extensive qualification phase had to be completed. The results impressed our customer: Butting was awarded the framework contract to produce the series product.”

The primary product for this component is a stainless steel pipe from coil from the Butting-stock in size 154 x 2 mm from material 1.4404. The project-specific covers and flanges are provided by the customer. After the pipes have been cut into fixed lengths using lasers, the fittings are welded on both sides of the short lengths by the welding robot. Thus a high degree of reproducibility and consistent quality in series production can be ensured.

For optimal positioning and alignment of the pipe on the rotary/tilt table of the welding robot, Production Technology at Butting constructed a clamping device and manufactured it in the company’s in-house metal cutting technology unit.

The rotary/tilt table allows pendulum machining. This means that during the welding process by the robot, a component for processing can already be installed for preparation on the other side. Thus processing times can be reduced and greater cost-effectiveness can already be achieved with small batch sizes.

Pollmann finally adds: “Butting is a reliable partner for “more than pipes” and is delighted to take on new tasks and challenges.”


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