Pumping hazardous liquids with environmental safety in mind

Fig. 1

Sero PumpSystems GmbH is a German based manufacturer of side channel pumps.  These pumps are designed for low flow and medium to high pressure / head applications.  Side channel pumps are self priming, able to handle up to 50% entrained gas and require low NPSH.  Sero provide reliable solutions for oil and gas production / processing, petro-chemical / chemical services, marine applications and many other industrial pump requirements.

  • The flow range is 0.3 to 42 m³/h with heads of 30 to 1,100 m.
  • Temperature range is – 60 to + 220 °C.

Side channel pumps for low flow with medium to high head

Fig. 2 The Sero PumpSystems Model SEMA-BC will be introduced at the Achema 2018. It is an example of the ability to provide enhanced design and innovation to side channel pumps.

The standard side channel pump is typically a ring section pump design with multiple stages all held together and secured by tie bolts.  Potential leak paths between the stages are protected by gaskets. Though reliable in nature with 1000’s of units in service throughout the world (Fig. 1), there is a question regarding possible leaks in the liquid end that can occur due to pipe strain and misalignment as well as a cataclysmic fire event.  To address this concern, Sero has recently introduced the Model SEMA-BC (Fig. 2).

The Model SEMA-BC is a derivative of our extremely successful Model SEMA, a sealless mag drive side channel pump.  The “BC” version now incorporates a “barrel” that completely encapsulates the liquid end of the pump providing dual containment.  The “barrel” first eliminates the tie bolt tensioning system.  Secondly, the “barrel” limits the potential leak paths to the environment to just two points.  These points are now secured using o-rings.  The original gaskets between the stages are still in place, but the “barrel” with the o-rings adds a second or dual layer of containment to the SEMA pump.   This dual containment feature goes hand in hand with the concept of a zero emission, environmentally friendly sealless pump design like the Model SEMA. The interspace between barrel and stages typically is dry and can be monitored or inerted, but also used for comprehensive cooling or heating purposes.

The “BC” option is available in all SEMA pump sizes.  As an additional benefit, the “BC” option does not change any of the standard SEMA dimensions or nozzle positions.  Upgrades and retrofits to existing units can be considered.



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