Lewa: Follow-up order of another 20 pumps to Saudi Arabia


Lewa delivered 40 process diaphragm pumps to two large offshore platforms on the Persian Gulf in 2013. Lewa has got now a follow-up order to this 30 Mio Euro order – the largest in the history of Lewa. The follow-up order includes

  • 8 LGB2 Boxer pumps and
  • 12 LDH5 series process pumps

These pumps are used for transferring monoethylene glycol (MEG) from the Tie In Platforms (TP) to the Well Head Platforms (WHP) and on-site MEG injection. This injection is intended to prevent the ice formation in the drill hole that can occur during the formation of methane hydrate. The project will be completed in 2019.

The plant will increase the gas output from 70 million m³ up to 126 million m3 per day.

The LDH5 series injection pumps will be delivered with M8 pump heads. These pump heads installed for pumping up to 600 bar are equipped with PTFE diaphragms, which can handle even high pressure without problems, and offer further advantages when compared to the originally required metal diaphragms. Since pumps with metal diaphragms are usually larger and heavier, Lewa offered the PTFE diaphragms to provide a solution which–in addition to space and size advantages–also resulted in a reduction in the production costs of the entire platform. Lewa is the only company in the world qualified to supply pumps with PTFE diaphragms for the end client in Saudi Arabia, which are designed for a pressure of over 350 bar.



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