Monitor your pump online – at any time, at any place

Fig. 1

The generation of maintainers who check the condition of pumps on a daily basis by listening and touching the equipment is dying out. Nevertheless, pumps must operate reliably. To solve this problem, BestSens has developed the Bearing Monitoring System, BeMoS for short (Figure 1).

BeMoS monitors roller bearings in machinery and plants from the very first second of operation. What is so special about it is the underlying technology:

by using a particular kind of ultrasonic technique it is possible to check the interior of the bearing and measure all important condition monitoring variables online. Causes of excessive wear and premature bearing failure can thus be detected in time and countermeasures can be initiated.

The BeMoS technology is patented in Europe, China, the United States, Japan and other important industrial countries. To meet the special requirements of pumps, the measuring system was further developed in collaboration with leading pump manufacturers.

Threefold protection

Apart from active ultrasonic probing (which may be used to determine the axial thrust in centrifugal pumps, for example), the system also measures the temperature of the outer bearing race and the structure-borne noise. Thus, unexpected pump failures are a thing of the past.

3 Steps toward a smart pump

Remote pump monitoring via smartphone

When ordering a new pump, make sure the pump manufacturer provides the tapped holes necessary for mounting the sensors into the bearing bracket. Retrofitting operational pumps makes sense if a change of bearings is due anyway. On that occasion, the bearing bracket can be provided with tapped holes.

  • Make tapped holes in the bearing bracket
  • Mount and connect the BeMoS sensors
  • Configure the network access – finished

About BestSens

The company was founded in 2011 as a spin-off from the University of Coburg (Germany) and is directed by the engineers and founders of BestSens AG – Sebastian Stich, Wolfgang Diller and Lars Meisenbach. Besides providing services to operators like Fernwasserversorgung Oberfranken in Germany (a long-distance water supplier), BestSens AG cooperates with several pump manufacturers. The objective is to make pump systems more intelligent, more reliable and more cost effective — in a nutshell: simply smarter.


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