Pump Engineer – Study Courses 2018 in German and English


Since 2005 the study programme for pump engineers provides specific training and know-how in terms of academic extra occupational, distance-learning study courses. During these 12 years approximately 30 lecturers have trained more than 300 pump experts coming from different branches – be it manufacturers, operators or planners.

According to Prof. Dr.-Ing Helmut Jaberg, who initiated the pump engineer study programme, the reasons for its success are the following: “The high level of appreciation with regard to our training offers can be measured by the fact that companies, whose employees have already graduated from the study courses, are increasingly encouraging their staff to take this training. Thus, the German study course which started in July 2017 reached the record number of 37 participants. We are really glad to see that companies repeatedly send employees to participate in our programme. Obviously the way it is performed – with a certain rigour and yet with a good sense of proportion – is well received by them.”

The duration of the German and English study courses is 14 to 15 months. Within this period of time profound and comprehensive knowledge with high practical relevance is provided in terms of three main chapters

  • pump basics incl. pumping media, types of pumps, calculation of systems, pump assembly,
  • pump units incl. materials, seals, general setup, damage patterns, machine dynamics, failure diagnosis, power units,
  • pumps in systems incl. control, operation, acceptance, energy consulting, LCC, standards, legal regulations and practice-oriented choice,

and two more chapters, which have to be chosen out of eight arbitrary fields of application offered (process engineering, refineries, power plants, water, sewage, food and sterile industry, paper industry and vacuum technology).

The essential advantages this programme offers participants are:

  • flexible time management
  • practice-oriented training by renowned pump experts, mostly operators,
  • founded and developed by renowned university professors and leading engineers.

The German language study course includes eight attendance phases of two days each (Friday and Saturday). In order to reduce travel expenses, the participants of the English language course gather for two attendance phases in Austria and Germany, each lasting one week.

The Pump Engineer study programme addresses all people who are working with pumps: those looking for new tasks, career changers and also experts seeking for even more profound knowledge. Certainly the study courses are not only apt for younger participants as also experienced pump practitioners gain valuable know-how.

Mr. Jaberg’s explanation: “Of course many pump manufacturers have made use of our training offers in order to bring their sales, field and service staff up to speed. In recent years the number of participants originating from plant designers is steadily growing and has actually reached 20%. Around 35% of the participants come from pump operators and approximately 45% from pump manufacturers.”

Being asked, how time consuming the participation in the study programme is, Mr. Jaberg explained: “Every study course comprises 52 days with 8 teaching units of 45 minutes each. As this is a distance-learning study programme, these data correspond to so-called ‘day equivalents’. All participants have access to the study material via the internet and are totally free with regard to their time management. Questions can be asked within a forum provided, where participants help each other or are assisted by the lecturers. All subjects end with a specific exam.”

As of the great demand for our programme, an English language version of the Pump Engineer study course was launched in 2012. The structure and contents of both study courses are identical. With regard to the international study course Mr. Jaberg mentioned: “The initiative to offer an English language version of our successful training came from the companies whose staff participated in the German courses. They urged us to provide the training in English as well, so that they can encourage their staff worldwide to participate.”

Every year one English language study course „Pump engineer“ is launched in March and one German language study course in July.



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