Bubble-free filling of oil dampers


Filling of oil dampers in low-volume and pilot production is mostly manual work. There is a lot of potential for improvement by a compact, flexible dosing system which includes a micro metering pump. This self-priming micro annular gear pump can work without an application of compressed air to the reservoir.

On the one hand, this saves the cost of compressed air including the necessary devices and, on the other hand, avoids the introduction of compressed air into the silicone or hydraulic oil. The medium can be filled bubble-free, gently and without loss of quality.

The pump meters a wide range of liquids and can be emptied and rinsed easily, without the need for a complex changeover of the system. The dosing system can contain various control and operating elements in addition to the pump and filter. The simplest version includes a control system with a potentiometer and a manual switch operated by foot or hand. But also control and input possibilities via PC or tablet can be implemented.

Displacement rates and speed are variable and can be set independently of each other. A single system can handle flow volumes between some drops and several milliliters with highest precision. With priority, pumps of the modular series in various sizes are used to meet customer requirements.



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