Tailor-made Slurry Pumping Solutions


After the took over of almost complete solid matter pump programme for abrasive and abrasive/corrosive media from the insolvent company Arthur Habermann the Aurum Pumpen GmbH has set itself the objective of improving both the design and the materials engineering of its pump series. In initial orders for a major customer, newly designed pump solutions have already been developed, implemented and built.

Because the Aurum-Habermann heavy duty pumps are true solids handling pumps in terms of impeller geometry and design, these cannot conform to the lightweight construction of a standardised pump, and are thus individually adapted to requirements. In terms of materials, Aurum supplies the Habermann heat-treated steel qualities that have proven themselves over decades.

For applications that require an elastic pump lining, the existing compositions have been optimised for improved wear and corrosion resistance in cooperation with competent materials specialists. Based on the development results, Aurum now supplies improved APFlex qualities suitable for abrasive and corrosive media:

  • 1010 for the temperature range – 30 to + 75 °C, pH range 0 to14,
  • 5010 for the temperature range – 30 to + 95 °C, pH range 0 to 14,
  • 6010 for the temperature range – 30 to + 75 °C, pH range 5 to 9,
  • G2210 for the temperature range up to 105 °C, pH range 0 to 14,
  • G2201 for the temperature range up to 130 °C, pH range 0 to 14.

Further qualities are in the trial and preparation phase, and will be available in the medium term as a further development or supplementary material.



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