Sulzer in Glasgow Sets the Standard in Maintenance and Repairs


Increasing pressure to reduce costs and optimise performance is causing many industries to reassess the way in which they tackle maintenance issues. Sulzer’s Glasgow facility has been quick to expand the capabilities and expertise of its staff to ensure additional benefits for customers and help meet these demands.

Scott Tyre took on the Glasgow service centre manager’s role in early 2017, after joining Sulzer as Contracts Manager in June 2016. He comments: “The Glasgow Service Centre is continuously improving to keep pace with its customers’ demands and the staff pride themselves in delivering the best possible technical service. Our challenge is to provide expert engineering support along with concise customer communication and dialogue, 100% of the time.”

Sulzer’s Glasgow Service Centre specialises in the repair of electronic drives and controls, such as variable speed drives, power supplies, automatic voltage regulators and printed circuit boards (PCB). However, one of the key customer benefits of the business is its obsolescence management services. Sulzer can provide replacement control hardware where the original manufacturer has deemed the component obsolete. This service offers considerable savings for the customer in terms of both costs and time, when compared to the alternative of a replacement piece of equipment.


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