Metering pumps optimise cathode materials for lithium batteries

Solenoid diaphragm metering pumps type gamma/ X

Ternary oxide systems containing lithium guarantee a high energy density, long service life and high number of charge cycles for lithium storage batteries. Metering systems ensure the quality of the precursors needed for production.

The most important storage materials for lithium ion batteries are lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxides, or NCM for short. Various manufacturers in China have specialised in the production of the ternary precursors needed for this. Their appearance, particle size, size distribution, declared purity, beat density and many other characteristics are important to determining the properties of the sintered cathode end product. The manufacturers needed to find reliable and accurate metering pumps and systems that were able to meet the stringent quality requirements of manufacturing ternary precursors.

Metering mixed metal liquids

Various consecutive production processes are needed for the production of ternary precursors. The individual processes require strict proportional control of the reactants. They have a major impact on the final product quality. Intelligent high-end metering pumps from ProMinent meet these requirements accurately and most importantly in a reproducible manner. Solenoid driven metering pumps GammaX, Motor driven mechanical diaphragm metering pumps Sigma and hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps Hydro, as well as peristaltic pumps ensure the precise metering of all required substances.

In up to 15 different process stages, they communicate with sensors and ensure exactly the right quantities at the right time thanks to the control system. For example, Sigma pumps meter all individual, soluble liquid metal mixes with nickel, cobalt and manganese elements into a solution with an accurately defined total NCM ion concentration. Impurities involving calcium and magnesium ions can be removed by metering fluoride.

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