Energy-efficient pump systems for water supply


With the use of the permanent magnet technology, oddesse pumps and motors factory developed an energy-efficient pumping system to support water supply companies to sustainably reduce energy consumption and thus contribute to the protection of the environment.

In the past, the efficiency of pump systems was often calculated by solely considering the efficiency of the pump. The efficiency of the motor, on the other hand, which is determined by the ratio between the electrical input and the mechanical output, has been largely ignored. However, the overall efficiency of the complete pumping system has an impact on the energy costs, which, as the decisive factor, account for more than 80% in the efficiency analysis. By optimizing the overall system, the greatest savings in electricity costs can be achieved.

This is why water supply companies are working hard to reduce lifecycle costs for the pump stations and to save energy sustainably. In this context, the technology of submersible permanent magnet motors turns into the focus of their attention.

Therefore oddesse, manufacturer of submersible pumps and motors, decided to develop a new energy-efficient motor concept for submersible motor pump systems. In Oschersleben, the development and production site of oddesse in Germany, permanent magnet-synchronous-motors in 6, 8 and 10 inches with an output range up to 350 kW and in 50 and 60 Hz version are developed and constructed.

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