Simplified servicing in beneficiation plant


Until January 2017, a copper beneficiation plant in Zambia was using pumps from six different manufacturers, including units from Netzsch. Attributable to the large number of different models, this resulted in a steadily growing inventory of similar spare parts and maintenance procedures. Thereby, the effort and costs for necessary maintenance of the pumps were constantly increasing as a result. Following a thorough review of the reliability and service life of its pumps, the plant operator decided to simplify its spare parts inventory and maintenance – and only use pumps from Netzsch as a single supplier.

The Zambian company replaced 36 pumps for polymer applications and saved 1 million dollars by reducing its spare parts inventory as well.

Its reagent pumps were then also optimised, as the existing solution could not provide the required capacity or achieve the necessary precision and reliability. Netzsch recommended a plug & play system pre-assembled on a frame with a modular design, making it a very flexible and mobile solution. This also made it possible to rationalise the spare parts inventory even further and significantly increase plant availability overall.

“A lot of separate processes were running in these treatment systems, each needing its own special equipment. But the heart of each process is typically a pump, to convey either the mineral sludge or the chemicals needed for the process”, explains Roger Willis, Business Field Manager from Netzsch.

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