Multiphase pump installation allowing wells to come back to production


Crosbys Creek Oil & Gas  LLC, based in Ridgeland, MS,  is an independent American producer producing in Choctow County in Northern Alabama, USA. These fields are older and have produced oil and gas for many years.  Over time the natural reservoir pressure has dropped off to a point where some wells are not able anymore to overcome the back pressure generated by the surface flow lines and the first stage separator of the process facility. The company had heard about multiphase pumping. This economic alternative caught the interest of the management as the production was expected to remain interesting for years to come.

First a project study was initialized. The target of the study was to draw down the backpressure on the producing wells with the help of a multiphase wellhead pumping system to about 200 PSIG, which would allow all the wells to produce at an acceptable rate. To overcome the flow line pressure including some reserve, the pressure boosting of the multiphase pump had to be around 500 PSI in order to reach the line backpressure of 700 PSIG.

The Multiphase Wellhead System based on the Leistritz twin-screw pump (Fig. 1) was selected. The system had to be designed for remote unmanned operation and outside of power supply had to be completely self-supporting. Remote access of the operating parameters was achieved over the Internet by a secure access for the operator as well as for Leistritz.

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