Almatec: AODD Series Now Available in Stainless Steel


The Futur S/SH pump series is now available in 316 stainless steel with high surface finish for the transfer of pure solvents in the semiconductor industry.

Realizing the importance of reliable and contamination-free pump performance in critical semiconductor operations, Futur S/SH Series pumps are cleaned several times, then assembled and tested in a cleanroom line before being released for delivery. Futur S/SH Series pumps incorporate a “straight-through flow pattern” with only one wetted housing part (center housing) while the air control system and the air chambers are located in the side housings.

This design ensures that only one part of the housing comes in contact with the liquid, reducing the number of flow bends, minimizing the surface area, eliminating sliding parts in the product chambers and making it possible to eliminate the gaskets. These pumps are also self-priming with dry-run capabilities, and come equipped with the Perswing Air Control System to optimize air consumption and production rates.

Almatec Futur S/SH Series pumps are available in two pump sizes: 20 and 50 lpm (5.3 and 13 gpm). The non-wetted side housings on the Futur S Series pump are constructed of PE conductive and can be used for temperatures up to 80°C (176°F). The non-wetted side housings on the Futur SH Series pump are constructed of 316 stainless steel for temperatures up to 130°C (266°F). Both pumps feature diaphragms and valve bodies made of solid PTFE without inner elastomer or metal parts that increase the risk of contamination. Wetted seals are also available in solid PTFE.


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