Siemens: I/O extension module for converters


For the smallest converter in its portfolio, the Sinamics V20, Siemens is now offering an extension module for the capture and output of digital and analog signals. The Sinamics V20 I/O extension module is mounted on the converter using Plug&Play technology, and provides two additional input and output interfaces, each for 400 volts., increasing both the flexibility and the scope of the Sinamics V20. Using connecting ports on the front and back, the extension module can also be combined with additional accessories from the Sinamics V20 portfolio. These include for instance the BOP (Basic Operator Panel) and the BOP interface module.

The new module lends the Sinamics V20 converter additional functionalities such as the ability to control up to four pumps using only a single drive. It also allows the converter to be used for even more applications. Typical fields of application for the converter in combination with the I/O module include pump, fan and compressor applications and any applications involving additional input and output ports with an
output of 0.12 to 30 kilowatts. The Sinamics V20 is a basic converter from the Siemens portfolio characterized in particular by its short commissioning times, simple handling, robust design and cost efficiency. The converter is available in seven different sizes.


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