Technical Paper: New hygenic twin screw pumps


JEC LTD, leading sanitary pumps manufacturer in R.O.Korea, launched the JRZS Series of twin screw pumps gifted by extensively accumulated experience for hygienic pumping. These pumps are offering

  • a one-piece screw case with with larger radius corners and
  • a very compacted front loaded self-balanced mechanical shaft sealing system and
  • a fully drainable front cover design.

JRZS Series have diverse benefits contributed by twin screw pumps itself, such as;

  • 2 in 1 principle; wide range of products & CIP possible with only one pump
  • Pulsation free for gentle operation
  • Maximized application flexibility at wide range of speeds, providing many different operating conditions (pressures, viscosities and temperatures)
  • High efficiency and suction performance

The one piece pump case with large radius corner avoids the dead space space at discharge port and ensure smooth flow path with anti-cavitation at discharge port. This generates the better performance and higher efficiency.

With this special design, the JRZS series are already certified by 3A and EHEDG. This ensures top results of SIP & CIP cleaning and proves a high product quality.

Compact & diverse shaft sealing system

JEC combines all the advantage of rotary lobe pumps and centrifugal pumps into twin screw pumps. Most of all, JEC developed JRZS Series based on the rotary lobe pumps (JRZL Series) with modular system with gearbox, so majority parts can be interchangeable each other. This provides a high efficiency and utilization with good interchange ability with the current pumps.

JRZS Series have the shortest span & no bottleneck due to the compact shaft sealing system and gearbox. Diverse shaft sealing systems, such as single or double mechanical / triple lip / O-ring seal, can be applied depending on the application. This ensures the simple and easy maintenance.

High power efficiency by double angular ball bearing

JRZS gearbox consists of double angular ball bearings with large cavity chamber which is very good for high speed with less heated and strong enough confirmed by rotary lobe pumps. As a result, this is also helpful for high efficiency with low power consumption.

Integral geared adaptor with B5, 4 pole motor directly coupled

The cutting edge of JRZS series can be supplied with diverse types to meet the customer’s requirement. Standard type consists of integral geared adaptor with IEC B5, 4pole motor directly coupled. This provides the most cost & space effective due to the size of 4 pole motor and higher efficiency instead of coupled with 6 or 8 pole motors and convenient to get with quick delivery. And also can be supplied as a ‘bare shaft’, i.e. pumps head only without motor or common bed.  Or, can be supplied as a complete unit with drive (geared motor), coupling & guard, common bed.

In summary, the JRZS Series provide the following advantages:

  • Simple construction of shaft sealing system, screw case and gearbox
  • Practical and optimised performance ratio
  • Excellent price level with high quality
  • Quick delivery time with 4 pole motor
  • Diverse shaft sealing system
  • Optional heating or cooling jacket
  • Special version available for adapting to existing plants
  • Simple & easy maintenance and cleaning by simple construction
  • 3A and EHEDG certified
  • Low servicing costs
  • High speed, pulse and abrasion free


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