Siemens: All-steel multi-disk couplings acc. API and Atex


Siemens presented an additional series in the range of torsionally rigid all-steel disc couplings: the new N-Arpex coupling with improved performance characteristics. An optimized disc pack and a revised component design facilitate the transmission of higher torques and speeds as well as a higher bore capacity with standard hubs. All-steel couplings can be used in all applications that require reliable torque transmission in set-ups with shaft displacement.



The N-Arpex all-steel coupling is suitable for driving pumps, fans, compressors and generator. The couplings are designed for a potentially explosive atmosphere in accordance with directive 2014/34/EU and fulfill the requirements of API610/ISO13709 and API671/ISO10441. N-ARPEX all-steel couplings are designed as standard for very low temperatures down to -50 degrees Celsius – which is up to ten degrees lower than previous versions in the ARPEX series.

Torque transmission accompanied by displacement compensation between the two machines to be connected is made possible by the all-steel coupling, which is backlash-free and torsionally rigid, but also flexible. Axial, angular and radial offset compensation directions are possible. The discs are made of stainless spring steel, are not subject to wear, and are consequently maintenance free.




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