Predictive Maintenance for Process Control


Manufacturing, utilities, and oil & gas companies have been gathering troves of raw data since well before the Internet of Things was a thing. For decades, machines like pumps have collected big analog data about voltage, motion, sound, acceleration, vibration, and more at the farthest reaches of the network. But industries have never had the compute power and technology to process that data and turn it into real-time, data-driven decisions at the “edge” (on premise, away from the data center and closer to the “things”) —until now.

An example of predictive and preventative maintenance solutions that can be delivered in the real world using NI’s PXI and sensors on a Flowserve industrial pump can be found here.

This connected pump sends data directly to an Edgeline EL1000 Converged IoT System for anomaly detection. If an anomaly is detected—such as cavitation or bearing vibrations—the system can predict how soon a part will fail or if a part needs to be ordered. With PXI integrated in the Edgeline systems, customers no longer need an extra device between the pump and the server.



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