Viscotec: Micro-dosing quantities down to 0.005 ml per shot

Camera bonding in mobile / cell phone
Camera bonding in mobile / cell phone

The less the amount of material to be mixed, the greater the challenge for the dosing system: Due to the World’s increasing miniaturisation in areas such as electronics and the associated high demand for ever smaller and more precise dosing, preeflow has developed the eco-DUO330. This system provides the answer to numerous questions from application engineers, material manufacturers, plant engineers and product developers. Be it in medical technology, optics and photonics, the manufacture of electronic components or in the field of biochemistry and the production of semi-conductors.

Adherence to the exact mixing ratios of the 2 component materials and its precise coverage can greatly influence the processes and applications from time to time. Even small deviations can negatively affect the desired results. Compounds harden only partially, adhesive bonds do not reach their load limit and, in the worst case, chemical reactions from the materials could have an unforeseeable impact on the user.

With the newly developed eco-DUO330, dosing quantities of 0.005 ml (per shot) is achievable. Irrespective of temperature, time, pressure and viscosity – dosed as a dot or bead. Therefore, the smallest quantities can be created at that very moment. The microprocessor-controlled system creates a dosing accuracy of ± 1 % and repeatability of over 99 %. And this whole process is reliable and reproducible.

Specific to the application, the mixture ratio can be easily adjusted from 1:1 to 10:1 using the intelligent control via the graphical interface. The dosing of dots, as well as bead applications, can be subjected to a continuous quality check thanks to the integrated pressure monitoring. The continuous bead application is at a maximum 6.6 ml/min, whereas a variable bead thickness from 0.1 mm to approximately 2 mm (directly proportional to the speed of the application) is achievable now.

The new precision-volume mixing head is built using the proven endless piston principle, working as a rotating, completely pressure-tight positive displacement system. This is best suited for the promotion, dosage and application of low, medium and high viscosity liquids. Pulsation-free dosing takes place and the shear forces exerted on the medium are reduced to a minimum.



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