Packo: Pumps for inline dispersing, mixing and homogenizing


shear mixing illustratie (2)The shear pumps series SFP2 and SFP3 have an innovative stator (patent pending) providing an efficiency improvement between 70 and 100 % compared to current technologies available. Moreover, one single system is sufficient for the in-line mixing, dispersing and homogenizing, as well as for pumping the final product.

Typical applications are among other things the mixing of two liquids having a large different specific gravity and/or viscosity as well as dispersing of solids in liquids.

Additionally, these pumps are carried out according to:

  • hygienic design thanks to among other things electro-polishing as final surface treatment.
  • use of standard components such as mechanical seals according to EN 12756 and IEC motors
  • a monobloc construction that guarantees a large ease of installation and maintenance

Packo offers four types of which the range goes to maximum 200 m³/h, 5 bar, 1000 cP and 45 kW.


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