Daurex: An evolution of progressing cavity pumps


IntelliflEx by DAUREXIntelliflEx is the name of a completely new approach towards design and technology for progressing cavity pumps. This highly efficient pump, based on the valve-less positive-displacement pump technology combined with intelligence of computer and software.

All components are reflecting the fundamental ideas which lead to the innovation: Make progressing cavity pumps greener:

  • Stainless steel for the housing of motor and drive,
  • natural granite stone instead of cast iron are not only eye catching design details.

”It’s the next logical step towards Industry 4.0 in combination with environmental consciousness.” says Ralf Daunheimer, managing director of Daurex, the Germany based pump manufacturer.

IntelliflEx lowers the power consumption up to 60 % and minimizes the wear and tear, using the patented tapered geometry of the rotor/stator. More than double the lifetime of rotor and stator are possible, compared to a standard PCP under the same conditions. The IntelliflEx has various modules (1,3 m³/h up to 330 m³/h) with options on sensors and flanges to find the individual solution.



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