BBA: Pumps now available in corrosion-resistant stainless steel 316

6ʺ solids handling pump
6ʺ solids handling pump

The dry self-priming pumps of the BA series are now also available in stainless steel 316. These pumps are made for a variety of industrial applications, particularly with corrosive environments such as offshore or mining which demand high performance materials.

The stainless steel casting parts are typically available from stock for the most popular BA models. This allows the stainless steel pumps to be quickly assembled with a diesel or electric motor in a sound attenuated canopy or in an open frame.

The stainless steel 316 range consists of:

  • 3ʺ clear liquid pump: max. 200 m³/hour – 110 mwc
  • 4ʺ solids handling pump: max. 190 m³/hour – 22 mwc
  • 6ʺ solids handling pump (se illustration): max. 490 m³/hour – 48 mwc
  • 8ʺ solids handling pump: max. 720 m³/hour – 41 mwc


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