Sulzer launched a Retrofit App


The app targets all industries and businesses working with pumping equipment and facing upgrade needs for their existing assets regardless of type or make. There may be many possibilities to adapt existing pumps to changed requirements – so why not go and see what options are out there by using an interactive tool from Sulzer specialists? The app gives help to find what solutios plant operators from different markets and applications can  give their pumping equipment for a second life.

The app details the company’s capabilities and points out how the specialists can make machinery more reliable and efficient. By using the RetrofitApp, customers and potential customers have quick access to the most up-to-date Retrofit solutions. It gives a full overview over Sulzer Retrofit capabilities with a detailed reference map of example projects that had been successfully executed in the past. The app can be downloaded from both the Sulzer homepage or from the Apple app store and is free!


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