Sundyne: API 685 Sealless Pumps


GSPV_2100x1610A major Malaysian refinery is currently upgrading equipment throughout their facility. As refining and petrochemical processing operators around the world face increasing pressure to comply with stringent health and safety regulations, they are replacing their aging single seal pumps with efficient and highly reliable sealless magnetic drive pumps. These pumps eliminate dangerous leaks and put an end to costly seal maintenance.

The customer required a cost effective and highly reliable pump to replace existing API 610 vertical pumps with single seal systems that are prone to leakage and emissions. Sundyne specified the GSPV API 685 sealless magnetic drive vertical pump for their application. In total, Sundyne provided 6 vertical and 2 horizontal API 685 pumps to directly replace the old sealed units handling stripper reflux and debutanizer reflux applications.

The new replacement pumps, which include optional secondary containment, are simple by design and eliminate the expense of upgrading or maintaining the old pumps to double mechanical seals. Each pump also features the VapourView Pump Protection System to protect the pump from damage that can occur due to incorrect priming, venting or cavitation; as well as the ZeroLoss high efficiency, non-metallic containment shell, which reduces operational costs by improving the pump’s resistance to adverse operating conditions. Furthermore, the new pumps install directly into the customer’s existing process piping, representing additional cost savings.


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