Schwarzer: Customized mini-pumps with modular design


!cid_13a661a73c98169771f9d423411f4d78@schwarzerAll parameters of the modular eccentric diaphragm pump series EC-L 500 can be customized exactly to individual requirements. The pump heads are manufactured from highly resistant PPS. A wide variety of materials is available among the elastomers (EPDM, FKM, FFKM, silicon, PTFE, etc.) – depending on the intended purpose.

The options for motors lats from the economically prized standard drive to extremely long-lasting brushless motors and on to stepping motors with high-precision metering function.

In addition, the manufacturer realizes, for example, alternative manifold solutions, external pulsation dampers for troublefree interaction with highly sensitive pressure sensors, extra large ball bearings for particularly high pressures, etc.


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