sera celebrates the 70th anniversary of its founding


Nr_020Headquartered in Immenhausen, Germany, the sera corporate group is a leading manufacturer of innovative product and system solutions worldwide in the areas of metering and materials handling for water treatment, waste water treatment, and chemical dosing, as well as compressor technology for the compression of gases and application in the regenerative energy sector such as hydrogen and hydrogen filling stations. This year sera celebrates the 70th anniversary of its founding.

Right after the Second World War, the company’s two founders – Reinhold Seybert and Hubert Rahier – started producing household appliances and repairing agricultural machines. The company expanded rapidly and soon recognized an emerging need for acid pumps and devices for the chemical industry.
In 1948 with their first patented oscillating double diaphragm dosing pump they laid the foundation for the company’s subsequent international growth and for the establishment of what is today sera ProDos GmbH.
At the end of the 50s, the compressor technology division became the second division to be established in the company. They soon developed the first diaphragm membrane compressor for the oil- and impurity-free compression of gases using the very same oscillating positive displacement principle. This product area also saw continuous expansion in the years that followed, culminating in the establishment of what is today the company sera ComPress GmbH.

Some of the many international distribution partnerships established back in the 50s in countries such as the Netherlands, Austria, Norway and Denmark still exist to this day. This international distribution network has been expanded continuously for decades, making sera a global company with connections in over 80 countries, with more than 30 representative offices, and affiliate companies in South Africa and England.

In the 90s, founding family Rahier took over all company shares under the leadership of Helmut Rahier. With over 200 employees, the globally active sera corporate group remains 100% family-owned to this day and is managed by third generation family member Carsten Rahier.


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