Flotronic: New ‘E’ Series’ achieves EHEDG seal of approval


EHEDG Series pump cutoutFlotronic Pumps Limited, the UK-based specialist manufacturer of air-operated double diaphragm pumps, having already secured 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc (3-A SSI) approval for their ‘H’ series pump, have now achieved the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) accreditation for their new ‘E’ Series pump.

The ‘E’ Series pump has been specifically designed for the Food and Beverage industry and other processes where product contamination must be avoided. The pump’s features include Flotronic’s established and unique ‘One-Nut’ pump design which allows swift diaphragm access without disconnecting process pipework. The internal surfaces of the ‘E’ Series pump can be effectively ‘cleaned in place’ or, alternatively, easy dismantling can be carried out for cleaning and inspection. Cleaning is aided by the provision of polished wetted surfaces to 0.8μm Ra maximum and an electro-polished overall finish. Cleanability is also assisted by the incorporation of a support stand whereby the pump can be inverted for full draining.

“The ‘E’ series pump passed EHEDG’s tests with flying colours,” says Flotronic’s Chief Engineer, Peter Wheal, “confirming that the pump meets EHEDG standards for sanitary product transfer. Other features, including a diaphragm rupture detection system with instant pump shut-down alarm facility and BS, DIN and ISO hygienic connection options, all help to keep product contamination free and to ensure that hygienic standards are not compromised.”

“A unique feature of the Flotronic ‘E’ Series pump is that the diaphragms are reinforced as standard,” Peter continues. “The reinforcing plates add support to the diaphragms and ensure that the pumps can withstand CIP pressures in the suction line of up to 5 Bar with no diaphragm damage. Other suction pressure challenges resulting from SIP systems, bulk tanks with head pressure of more than 0.5 Bar, re-circulation and thermal expansion can all be met by the ‘E’ Series.”

Flotronic designed the ‘E’ Series for markets at home and abroad where independent hygiene accreditation is growing in importance. “While EHEDG accreditation is not necessarily a statutory requirement, our customers are increasingly seeking conformance with the high standards required,” says Flotronic’s Managing Director, Jane Waite. “Being authorised to display the EHEDG logo confirms the new ‘E’ series pump’s credibility and gives our customers peace of mind.”



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