Durit: Increasing wear protection, reducing maintenance costs


DuritImage_2015_04Pumping of abrasive slurry or chemical reagents demand for maximum efficiency and work pace increasing wear of the applied components and thus all associated maintenance costs in pump technology as well. More and more frequently, seal and packing rings of pumps are made of ttungsten carbide – a sinter material. Additional fields of application for tungsten carbide components in pump engineering include

  • rotors,
  • control elements,
  • bearing sleeves,
  • plain bearings,
  • and hubs,

which are exposed to abrasive media.
Durit focuses on custom-made components that are precisely manufactured in every detail and has already developed more than 60 different grades of tungsten carbide. Moreover, they provide a broad range of different processes of thermal coating: In pump technology, where usually all components surrounded by liquids are exposed to high strain, a combination of tungsten carbide components with coated parts made of steel may serve as a particularly convenient wear protection. If a high biocompatibility for special components is required, those parts are offered with a PVD coating (DLC).



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