Dickow delivers 200.000st pump to Eastman Chemical, NL

Johann Tremmel, Michaela Dickow, Ralph Schommer (all Dickow Pumpen, from left to right) and 200.000st pump before delivery.
Johann Tremmel, Michaela
Dickow, Ralph Schommer (all from Dickow, l.t.r.) and 200.000st pump

Recently Eastman put three new parts into operation at the site in Middelburg: a 35-meter high destillation tower, a loading and unloading dock for trucks, and a storage tank with an internal floating roof.

This project includes 19 Dickow pump units with motor, coupling and base plate. The pumps installed are type HZMR (horizontal multistage, magnetic coupled), NMR (horizontal single stage, magnetic coupled) and NCL (horizontal single stage, mechanically sealed). Amongst these is Dickows’ 200.000st pump, used for the new storage tank with floating roof.



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