KBL: New canned motor pump series


i-CAN PumpThe seal-less and gland-less mono-block design of the pump enables it to cater to industries like

  • ice-making plants,
  • cold storages,
  • air-conditioning plants,
  • dairies and
  • some small scale industries involved in refrigeration-related businesses.

The pump’s compact, lightweight yet sturdy design with less number of components helps it to minimize assembly and dismantling time and occupy less space. The pump named i-Can is hailed as a step-up from the conventional mechanical seal pump category which requires heavy maintenance.
The i-Can pumps can be installed without any strict alignment requirements. The pumps are silent in operation and can be offered with Horizontal as well as in Vertical execution, depending upon the site conditions. The pumps are capable of handling toxic, explosive, expensive, hazardous, cryogenic and corrosive fluids without any possibility of emissions into the environment and will be suitable for vacuum-tight application and for fluids which react when come in contact with the atmosphere.




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