KTR: Pump coupling for explosive atmospheres


ktr-3The jaw geometry of the Rotex Non-Sparking consists of a conductive high-tenacity plastic that is injected onto the hub body which continues to be made of steel or other metals such as aluminium. The newly developed synthetic material prevents any static charging and is also designed to be so hardwearing that even in cases of elastomer wear out, torque will still be transmitted without any danger of sparking. As a result, maintenance work can be postponed to a convenient time frame. The failsafe and maintenance-free Rotex Non-Sparking is certified under EU directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) and thus deemed suitable for the use in explosive atmospheres.

The shaft coupling has a compact design and can be axially plugged in. It offers good dynamic properties, excellent vibration damping and a low moment of inertia. The coupling’s precision-machining positively influences its running properties and significantly increases its expected service life. The Rotex Non-Sparking ensures dampened torsional vibration during power transmission and absorbs shocks generated from imbalanced machinery. The new coupling is also available in various double-cardanic finishes for large shaft misalignments that maintain low restoring forces and ensure sound dynamic properties.

Using injection moulding technology with the cam geometry opens up possibilities for KTR to produce a broad product spectrum in the Atex sector with, for example, necked-in hubs for very compact designs. There is also great potential to realise customer or application-specific shaft-cam links.




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