Hermetic: Awarded by the Russian Oil and Gas Industry


CNPF_80x40x320_rgbRussian refineries have honoured Hermetic once more with an award for their standard of quality, safety, reliability and on-site customer support. On the occasion of the Neftegaz in Moscow, an independent survey by the Russian Ministry of Energy selected Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH as the Russian oil and gas industry’s best centrifugal pump manufacturer for 2014.

Due to the special design of canned motor pumps, these pumps are especially suited for challenging operating conditions – criteria that are of great importance for the operator.
The refinery industry relies on canned motor pumps for modernising ageing refineries. However, customised pump solutions and standard pumps are also deployed in new projects. Hermetic is offering for refineries single-stage canned motor pumps of series CNP (according to API 685) for conveying liquid gas, as well as submersible pumps for cryogenic pumped media or custom canned motor pumps for use in pipelines.



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