Distance Learning Study 2015 Programme for “Pump Engineers”


The programme is an extra-occupational academic distance-learning study course with only four attendance periods (one week each) in Austria and Germany. The free time management allows the participants to define their own pace of progress within the programme which corresponds to a time equivalent of approximately 400 hours. The course for “Certified Energy Consultants for Pumps and Pump Systems” is integrated into the programme.

Students start with the basic modules, providing theoretical knowledge on the interaction between pump and system and presenting different layouts and types of pumps. Practical knowledge in the fields of control, operation and maintenance is followed by modules on drive control and system regulation, pump operation, life cycle cost and the application-oriented selection of appropriate pumps. This is essential for reliability as well as for energy consulting and energy saving. Finally, two branch-related modules have to be chosen according to the needs, interest and/or the professional environment of each participant. These modules provide plant and process-related skills for particular industries as well as consolidation of basic knowledge.

Target group are all persons whose jobs are related to pumps. Our English programme is especially designed for employees of companies operating in an international field, often encountering the need for improved knowledge on the construction, operation and maintenance of pumps.

The English Pump engineer programme starts every year in March.



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