ABB: Standard drive now available in IP55 as well

The IP55 drive
The IP55 drive

The ACS580 is ABB’s all-compatible general purpose drive. Through drive selection, set up, operation and maintenance, the ACS580 turns complicated to simple to control processes efficiently. The ACS580 power range is 0.75 to 250 kW and voltage range is 208 to 480 V.

The wall-mounted drive is available with IP21 enclosure and from now on the drives with IP55 enclosure for harsh environments are available as well.

The drive is virtually plug-in-ready to control pumps and many other variable and basic constant-torque applications, while requiring very little time for set up and commissioning. All essential features are built-in, making drive selection and use easy, and giving users better management and savings of precious energy.

The drive becomes an energy-saving tool

The drive controls the process more energy efficiently based on actual need, rather than fixed-speed and mechanical flow control often used in applications like pumps and fans. An energy optimizer feature ensures maximum torque per ampere and reducing energy drawn from the supply. The drive supports different motors, including high-efficiency permanent magnet motors.

The kWh counters monitor hourly, daily and cumulative energy consumption of the drive. The energy saving calculators show savings for energy, CO2 emissions and money when the drive replaces other control methods (e.g. direct-on-line). This makes it easy to see how fast the drive brings a rapid return on investment.

Easy and intuitive user interfaces

The control panel and PC tool simplify the use of the drive. A user can use his native language as the drive supports more than 20 languages. The control panel’s settings menu and built-in assistants speed up commissioning. Each menu is clearly named by function, such as motor, ramp and limit settings. The basic set up is done in minutes. The I/O menu shows how the electrical terminals are configured, and gives quick access to related terminal settings like filtering, scaling, delay or function selections.

The Drive composer PC tool provides extensive drive monitoring and process tuning capabilities. The entry-level version of Drive composer is available for free via the ABB website. Drive composer pro provides advanced features such graphical control diagrams that help users set the drive’s logic quickly.

All features built-in

All the essential features are built into the drive as standard, reducing the need to deal with external components, extra cabling and space restrictions. The drive provides reduced harmonics with built-in second-generation swinging choke technology in a smaller and lighter design. Other built-in features include EMC filter, brake chopper up to frame R3, Modbus RTU fieldbus interface and safe torque off.

The drive’s capability can be extended with optional plug-in modules. A wide range of fieldbus adapters can easily be mounted inside the drive allowing connectivity to all the major industrial fieldbus protocols. The standard I/O can be extended by using optional analog and digital extension modules.

Standard software with versatile features

The drive’s advanced software improves process control. A built-in, stand-alone process PID controller makes the ACS580 a self-governing unit requiring only an external process measurement.

For pumping applications the sleep mode momentarily elevates levels or pressures, thus extending the sleep mode to save energy. The flying start catches a running motor with long freewheeling times, as in fan applications. The drive reduces motor noise by spreading the switching frequencies over a user-specified range. The higher used switching frequency reduces motor noise at low load without limiting full current at maximum load.

High protection class for harsh conditions

The drive with IP55, UL Type 12 protection class is designed for applications exposed to dust, moisture, vibrations, and other harsh environments. The size of the drive is optimized to match the compact size of IP21 drives, with only depth increasing. This offers very compact IP55 protection over the whole power range for various applications subject to harsh environments.

The robust and protective design ensures that no additional enclosures or components are needed, which enables straightforward installation on to the wall and reduces engineering costs. Other features for harsh environments include an assistant control panel housed within a protective door that provides IP55 protection even without the control panel connected to the drive. The ACS580 IP55 drive guarantees safety of the machines and personnel while leading to savings in space, maintenance, engineering, material costs, as well as in setup and commissioning time.

All-compatible drives architecture for scalability without adding complexity

The ACS580 general purpose drives are part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio, offering customers scalability without adding complexity. The ABB all-compatible drives share the same user interfaces and options, meaning once a user has experienced one all-compatible drive, they will be able to quickly adopt and use others, such as the ACS880 industrial drives. With each new installation, the customer builds knowledge. The result is saved effort, energy and money.



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