KTR: Torque measuring shaft combining four measurements in one


DATAFLEX_mit_RADEX-NCKTR developed a measuring system calculating both angle of rotation and rotating direction in addition to torque and speed for the first time. The new Dataflex series covers a measuring range from 10 to 1,000 Nm and is scheduled to be extended to 5,000 Nm in 2015.

The new precision measuring shaft will rely on the approved measuring principle via strain gauges combined with the latest electronical components. Having a sampling rate of 10 Hz, the system allows for measuring serious torque peaks on highly dynamic drives. The data transmission resistant to interferences operates digitally with a resolution of 24 Bit having a measuring inaccuracy of 0.1 per cent of the terminal value only. The signal provided is extremely low-noise.

To calculate the speed an encoder provides two signals phase-shifted by 90 degrees with a resolution of 360 or 720 pulses per revolution. The useful retainer is not an optional extra, but included in the standard equipment. Subject to its high resolution the speed signal of the new series is furthermore suitable for specifying the current angular position of the shaft. An integrated frequency voltage converter ensures that a DC voltage signal is provided in addition to the usual square wave signal. Apart from that another output displays the direction of rotation of the driving shaft.

When integrated in the drive Dataflex is combined with the torsionally stiff servo lamina coupling Radex-NC as a standard. This combination is particularly suitable for those drives having to cope with highly dynamic torque peaks. Moreover, there is the option of combining with further coupling systems such as the backlash-free Rotex GS shaft coupling.

To connect external devices the new tor que measuring shaft can easily be combined with the connection housing DF2. The torque output can be filtered over five steps so that short torque peaks in the display can be reduced. Furthermore available on the connection housing are connections for speed measuring, torsional direction signal and DC voltage speed signal. All outputs are both compatible with data logging cards and PLC controls.



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