ITT Bornemann: Twin-Screw-Pump receives EHEDG EL Aseptic Certificate


slh_4g_big_cyan_kleinSingle-flow hygienic Twin-Screw-Pumps, type SLH from ITT Bornemann, have been successfully installed in many applications in the food-, beverage and pharmaceutical industry for many years. It is one of the main functions to pump high viscous fluids. Because of the high rotational speed range (up to 3600 rpm) it is also possible for the pump to handle low viscous products with a high flow velocity. So it is possible to use the SLH Twin-Screw-Pumps also for the CIP-Process.

To reach the high criteria of hygienic design ITT Bornemann designs the pump inside and outside in best way without loss of functionality. As a result the pump is EHEDG EL class 1 certified and also 3-A registered. Now the SLH-4G Twin-Screw-Pump reaches the next level: EHEDG EL Aseptic Certificate. The certificate underlines the hygienic design of SLH-4G Twin-Screw-Pump and confirms the possibility to operate in aseptic applications.

This type of certification is intended for single components which are suitable for aseptic applications. Aseptic processes require three main issues, i.e. cleanability in place (CIP), sterilisability and bacteria tightness, which have to be fulfilled to get the certification on Type EL Aseptic. For cleanability, certificate Type EL – Class I has to be achieved and in addition the tests on sterilisability and bacteria tightness have to be passed. So as ITT Bornemann SLH-4G Twin-Screw-Pump already passed the cleanability test, the pump only needed to be tested in bacteria tightness and sterilisability.




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