PumpBase3 Catalog Builder for Windows XP/Vista/7/8


Tahoe Design Software’s New PumpBase™3 Catalog Builder version includes many new features of interest to Pump Manufacturers such as complete Catalog Production tools, Graphical Curve Entry and detailed Multi-Stage Analysis.

Pump Manufacturers will find all the tools necessary for creating and maintaining complete Catalog systems.

Customers and sales reps will have contact information readily available when pumps are selected for their designs. Catalog updates are easily created by cloning existing Catalogs and will intelligently replace older versions when found on a user’s system. Catalogs can be distributed to customers and sales reps directly or placed on Servers for instant download by all PumpBase users or distributed with new PumpBase installations.

‘Graphical Curve Entry’ is a new feature that allows the rapid entry of pump trim data by simply clicking on the points of a pump curve graphic image. If these curves are online or in jpg, gif or bmp form, it’s easy to have them entered into a PumpBase Catalog.

The ‘Multi-Stage Analysis’ feature will save engineers time in calculating individual trim sizes needed to reach the TDH for up to 60 stage pumps. The extensive Affinity Law functions assist in curve input and entire pump conversions and provide useful checks on lab test data.






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