Flotronic: 3-A accreditation for air-operated double-diaphragm pump


Flotronic H Series PumpSpecialist air-operated double-diaphragm pump manufacturer, Flotronic Pumps Limited, have secured 3-A accreditation for their brand new ‘H’ series pump. Among a number of critical design features, the One-Nut design, which allows rapid pump disassembly and straightforward cleaning in place, was crucial to the success of the ‘H’ series’ 3-A application. The ‘H’ series’ electronic rather than pneumatic rupture protection system was also a deciding factor.

“Ease of cleaning and robust rupture protection and associated alarm systems are vital for 3-A accreditation,” says Flotronic Chief Engineer, Peter Wheal. “We were confident that our ‘ONE-NUT’ design would completely satisfy 3-A cleaning and maintenance demands. One-Nut means that the pump can be maintained in minutes with cleaning made easier by a specially designed support stand which allows full rotation for draining. Wetted surfaces polished to 32 µin Ra maximum and an electro-polished overall finish also make cleaning effective.”

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