KTR: Shaft coupling separated on purpose


RotexAt the Rotex® S-H the hubs are mechanically separated by „cracking“ on purpose. An uneven surface with a positive fit is the result making sure for an exact position of the two halves during assembly. The contoured, uneven cracked surfaces ensure an ideal centering of the hub halves. This guarantees that the hub or the connection of the two hub halves, respectively, is not weakened by the separation by cracking. The „cracked“ hub is screwed in place in block assembly and makes sure that during operation there is no negative impact on the strength of the coupling.

At the same time the hub can be radially assembled and disassembled without having to disassemble the adjacent power packs. The coupling is easy to access and the adjacent components are easy to be replaced. The Rotex S-H with split hubs is a low-cost shaft coupling from grey cast iron that is easy to service and well suitable for mounting in narrow spaces. The coupling is approved and certified according to EC Standard 94/9/EG (ATEX 95), category 2G/2D, and thus suitable for applications in hazardous areas of the zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. A wide basic range is available in the sizes 38 to 90.

One further advantage is the easy adjustment to each individual application because the pilot bored and „cracked“ coupling hub can be machined without any extra costs. This feature guarantees the easy servicing of drive components and systems requested by the Design Engineers and Maintenance Engineers without impacting any technical parameters.



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