Sulzer showed optimized solutions at Ifat


The Sulzer product portfolio for the water and wastewater business consists of

  • submersible sewage pumps,
  • submersible mixers and flow boosters,
  • turbocompressors as well as
  • pump control systems.

The submersible sewage pump type ABS XFP with Contrablock Plus impellerand premium-efficiency IE3 submersible motor is designed to achieve a balance of reliability and energy consumption.

The submersible mixer type ABS XRW covers high, medium and medium-low mixing speeds.

The flow booster type ABS XSB is – as Sluzer says – ” the world’s biggest and most efficient slow-running submersible mixer”. It reduces energy consumption by up to 25%, compared to conventional designs.

The turbocompressor type ABS HST 20 represents the third generation of Sulzer’s fully air-cooled HST technology for wastewater aeration. It offers exceptional savings from wire to air, providing more air output for every kilowatt input. The turbocompressor features an intuitive, process-optimizing control system, and it integrates silencers and other accessories for a smaller, quieter and more cost-effective installation.


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