WEG: New permanent-magnet motor surpasses IE4 standard


WEG2177_Bild1WEG has launched a permanent-magnet motor that fulfils this demanding requirement, making it one of the first to qualify for the IE5 Ultra Premium Motor designation.  With losses roughly 20 % lower than Super Premium models, it is among the first Ultra Premium motors on the market that fulfil the present criteria for the potential IE5 energy efficiency class. This makes the W22 permanent-magnet motor one of the most efficient electric motors currently available world-wide.

Using innovative design, the W22 permanent-magnet motor combines unique high efficiency with compact size. Along with raising efficiency, WEG optimised motor performance to achieve lower noise and vibration emissions as well as especially low maintenance.

The new permanent-magnet motors in the W22 series are AC synchronous motors driven by CFW11 frequency inverters. The CFW11 frequency inverters are provided with specific software for open-loop speed control of permanent-magnet motors. The software is based on a special drive strategy designed to maximise the torque per ampere. This approach makes the combination of a W22 permanent-magnet motor and a CFW11 frequency inverter a very efficient drive system that is able to deliver constant torque over the entire operating range.




  1. Attn: Sales Manager
    Our Ref (Indent No.): 25-01-01, Date:19h May, 2014
    Subject: API PUMPS
    Dear Sir/Madam
    First of all accept my kind greetings and let me introduce Petro Sazeh Iranian (PSI) as a completely private and leading company in construction plants and vessels. I hope you will be interested to quote on our inquiry, with the corresponding specification .

    2 SET
    Plunger Electro Pump
    Fluid: Crude Oil
    Max: Discharge Pressure: 2200 PSI ( 150 Bar)
    Max Power : 73.5 KW, Rated Power : 30 KW
    Max/Rated Capacity: 16 m3/Hr Rated Pressure: 34 Bar

    Plunger Size: Qunintuplex 50 mm
    SPM( Stroke Per Minute):750, Stroke Length : 6 CM
    Driver: Electric Motor : 30 KW, 4 POLE, Zone 1 Gas Group IIC, CSA Class 1,Temprature Zone T 4, Power: 400 V/ 3 Phase /50 HZ, /insulation IEC 60085Thermal class(old Classification F), connection Y type
    Motor Manufactured Preferably by :
    ABB,WEC, SIMENS,LOHER,SCHORCH,CEMP or other European Manufacture or Japanese or Korean certified companies.
    Mode of Payment: L/C or CAD, Directly payment or through our Europe office
    Mode of delivery: Iranian South Ports/or FOB on advice
    Best Regard
    Nader Javidpour

    Commercial Department
    Cell Phone: 0098-9123218478
    #13, North Kazerun Str., Mirdamad Ave., Tehran, Iran Tel/Fax: +98 21 26409070-9
    E-mails: info@petrosairan.com, foreignpurchase@petrosairan.com


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