Andritz: Start up of submersible motor pumps on North Sea drilling platforms


andritzThe six submersible motor pumps supplied last year by Andritz to Jurong Shipyard, Singapore, were started up successfully on two drilling platforms in the North Sea. The pumps convey the industrial water for cooling the drilling equipment from a depth of 20 meters.  Installed in the supporting legs of the platforms, each of these four-pole submersible motor pumps conveys around 600 m³/h of industrial water.

The Andritz Ritz pumps are specially designed to meet the requirements for rugged offshore environments. In order to cope with the extreme thermal and mechanical conditions, the motors’ winding wire has special insulation and can therefore withstand greater stress. The housing is made of seawater-resistant nickel-aluminum bronze and features very long operating lifetime. The new, innovative saver technology monitors the operating status and maintenance needs of the motors.



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