Joint Venture between Caprari and Polmot Motor


Caprari S.p.A. and Polmot Motor Makina A.S. announced that they have entered into a strategic Joint Venture agreement by means of which Caprari S.p.A. have acquired 50% of Polmot capital.

Polmot, with the Poldap brand, are among the main Turkish manufacturers of Submersible Borehole Motors and Pumps. The company is based in the historical town of Konya (Central Anatolia Region), one of the most developed industrial districts in Turkey.

With this initiative the Caprari Group, together with Polmot, is confirmed among the major manufacturers of Submersible Borehole Pumps, for the quality of the products, the amplitude of the range and the overall manufacturing volumes.

By means of the synergies that will be developed in the medium term, important opportunities will be generated both for Caprari and Polmot Customers.



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