HNPM: Hermetic micro annular gear pumps


mzr-4661-tech-zeichnungThe magnetic driven, hermetic series of micro annular gear pumps has been extended with regard to size and drive options. These pumps are suitable for handling

  • crystallizing,
  • air or moisture-sensitive liquids

because the pump has no shaft seal. This feature is made possible thanks to a liquid-separating cup surrounding the magnetic drive. Long service life, leak-free operation, low energy consumption and an integrated speed controller characterize this pump series of the German HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH just like the compact measurements of the pump with a minimum diameter of 22 mm and a minimum length of 69 mm.

Two additional sizes of the magnetic hermetic series enable a precise and pulseless volume flows from 1.2 ml/min to 288 ml/min as well as system pressures up to 15 bar.

Further drive options to ensure a precise dosing are in an advanced testing phase.