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Oerlikon Leybold: New turbo molecular pump

Monday, February 17th, 2014 von admin

Pic 1 OLV TURBOVAC 350 iOerlikon Leybold Vacuum presents a new line of turbo molecular pumps with integrated drive electronics. The new pumps of the Turbovac i product line consistently offer a pumping speed for light gases which is up to 60% above that of comparative pumps, and a compression level which is approximately 100 times higher compared to products of the previous generation. These pumps were designed especially for processes with small backing pumps. The Turbovac T 350 i and T 450 i designed with classic rotors excel with regard to high gas throughput, fast run-up time and insensitivity to particulates and are therefore optimized for process applications and high gas loads. The Turbovac 350-400 i Multi Inlet pumps have been specifically developed to meet the requirements of analytical instrumentation by offering an extremely high degree of flexibility and allowing the customization of the number, height and position of the vacuum connections. Additionally, there is the option of adapting the pump housing or customizing the pump to your specific vacuum chamber.