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KSB: Award for the innovation of MegaCPK

Friday, October 26th, 2012 von admin

Recently, KSB received the “Global Centrifugal Pumps New Product Innovation Award” from Frost & Sullivan for its development of the MegaCPK standardised chemical pump. According to the global consulting company, the MegaCPK demonstrated how KSB stood out last year as the one centrifugal pump manufacturer that creates innovative and intelligent products.


Flowserve expands capabilities of ISO standard chemical pumps

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 von admin

Flowserve announced the launch of its expanded range of Durco Mark 3™ ISO chemical process pumps. The Durco Mark 3 ISO pump range is fully compliant with ISO 2858 (dimensional) and ISO 5199 (design) criteria.  With flows to 1400 m³/h /6160 US gpm, heads to 220 m /720 ft and operating temperatures from -80 C to 400 C (-112 F to 752 F), the Durco Mark 3 ISO pump is available in 45 sizes, plus many designs, configurations and material combinations.