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Sulzer: Pump Package for New Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant in Oman

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 von admin
MSD pump

MSD pump

Sohar SWRO Company LLC is the EPC Contractor for Sohar IWP and has signed several contracts with Sulzer to supply pumps for the new 250 000 m³/day independent desalination plant in Sohar, Oman. Commercial operation is scheduled for 2018.

The contracts include the manufacturing, testing, packaging, and installation supervision of the main centrifugal pumps. Seawater intake for the plant will be provided by Sulzer’s three big SJT vertical turbine pumps that will be installed at the nearby industrial port pumping station.


Tomlinson Hall: Distribution partners sought for Liquivac

Monday, January 7th, 2013 von admin

The UK-based pump manufacturers and distributors, Tomlinson Hall, is embarking on a major export campaign for their unique range of Liquivac liquid ring vacuum pumps. With almost 1,000 Liquivac pumps already in use, the company have prioritised the establishment of a global distribution network as the first step in developing overseas sales. Colin Simpson, Business Development Director, said, “To be honest, we’ve never really pushed the pumps before as they have tended to sell themselves into various niche applications.”


KSB lowers costs of seawater desalination

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 von admin

In early 2013 KSB will launch its new compact unit for reverse osmosis seawater desalination. The Salino Pressure Center consists of an axial piston pump and an axial piston motor, arranged on a common shaft. Driven by the diaphragm return flow, the axial piston motor transfers its power directly to the pump shaft.  Three functions are fulfilled by one and the same unit:

  1. creating high pressure,
  2. compensating pressure losses
  3. recovering energy.

There is no need for a separate booster pump. The entire system runs on a single electric motor and frequency inverter.  Compared to conventional energy recovery systems with pressure exchangers or Pelton turbines, this design saves up to 50 % in energy costs.


Turnkey and ready-to-use dosing device

Thursday, February 16th, 2012 von admin

Milton Roy Europe has developed the DosaSkid®, a “Plug and Play” metering device. The company has focused on a simple, reliable and fast metering solution.